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T Shirt Printing in Dubai

We are one of the leading t shirts printing and t shirts supplier in Dubai, UAE. Tshirts printing dubai offers intact array of customized t shirts print collections at really affordable price.

Our T shirts Manufacturing Company having state of the art quality t shirts sublimation and automatic silk screen printing machinery which provide cheap price, superior quality and fine touch of stitching. Our well trained and experienced stitching team is taking care of your t shirts from start to end point to delivery top quality products. Our t shirts printing unit has highly qualified quality checking team who complete quality checking before get it delivered.
Our aim is to provide complete range of readymade and custom t shirts manufacturing, printing, embroidery works under one roof and to make high quality at completive price for, printing press, hotel, government sector, large scale MNC companies, exhibition, staff and school uniform, sports club etc…
While choosing a T shirts material or fabric that you must understand how the thickness, thread count of fabric that we will choose and it will play an important role in the climate or material wrinkle or easy to damage etc… we provide t shirts fabric in various thickness in 140, 160, 180, 220, 240 gramage. Brief information when choose t shirts or other fabric is that:

That means the fabric available as very light weight in the cloth markets it can be used for scarf, hot weather clothing. These fabric is see through since the thread count has gap which commonly known as line cloth

Light weight fabric has some more thread count and not much gap which is wrinkle free which goes for premium t shirts, linen dress, women inner wear etc…

Medium and heavy weight  t shirts fabric are good to wash and suitable for average cool and warm climate and main benefits is iron free cloth so it won’t wrinkle in wash. This t shirts cloth can be used for school uniform as men, women and unisex. Heavy weight some time feel super heavy to wear in winter and get comfortable fittings too.

T shirts size in brief:






40 inches

27 inches

8.5 inches


42 inches

28 inches

9 inches


44 inches

29 inches

10 inches


46 inches

30 inches

10.5 inches


28 inches

26 inches

8 inches

Campaign T-Shirts

T Shirts Printers in alone amongst one in every of the leading advertising company engaged in all forms of fashionable subject matter procedures. we have a tendency to be attentive in providing wholesale T Shirts Printers at the economical rate to individual and business customers.

Corporate T-Shirts
Corporate T-Shirts

T Shirts Printers in alone amongst one in every of the leading advertising company engaged in all forms of fashionable subject matter procedures. we have a tendency to be attentive in providing wholesale T Shirts Printers at the economical rate to individual and business customers.

Digital Printing
Digital Printing

Modern printing methods such as laser and ink-jet printing are known as digital printing. In digital printing, an image is sent directly to the printer using digital files such as PDFs and those from graphics software such as Illustrator and InDesign.

Dry Fit T-Shirts
Dry Fit T-Shirts

The heat press is arguably the most important component of any T-shirt printing business. Without a high-quality model, you'll find your final prints lacking colour and clarity. Picking the right heat press will ensure consistency throughout.


We are recognized as one of the leading service providers of Mug Printing services. The services are offered in custom and standard sizes like one, two or full color printing. Did you know that mugs are longest kept promotional item? What it means is that it can boost your marketing at very minimal cost. We do print Promotional mugs.

Mug Sublimation
Mug Sublimation

Ready to use pre-cut dye sublimation paper designed specifically for printing mugs or mobile phone cases 2D and 3D. No More Hassle Cutting Out. This paper can also be used for mobile phone cases, key rings, flip cases and more.

T Shirts Fusing Printing
T Shirts Fusing Printing

T Shirt fusing is the process of transferring vibrant colors or favorite photographs directly on a T Shirt. Fusion printing can be easily done on a single T Shirt, so you are not bound by the minimum order criteria in T Shirt fusing.

Promotional T-Shirts
Promotional T-Shirts

Business is all about sales, and no one recognizes this more than we do. We understand that as a business, the ultimate aim is to maximize revenue and in turn maximize profits. The best way to do this is by reaching out to the target market in large numbers.

Silk Screen Printing
Silk Screen Printing

Silk screening is a printing technique that uses a silk fabric to support a stencilled ink block and then the image is transferred to a fabric. The process starts when the stencilled ink block is transferred to the mesh.

Sublimation Printing
Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing Services are a procedure whereby a print medium is infused with colour. It's not the same as conventional printing choices, in that those just place an image on the medium. Sublimation translates that picture throughout the medium itself

School T shirts printing dubai
School T Shirts Printing

Just in case you had any doubt that you can make a successful business by focusing on the school or education market in your area, here are some examples of what you can offer: According to recent statistics about 16.5% of schools require some kind of school uniform.

Rbber T Shirts Printing-dubai
Rubber T Shirts Printing Dubai

Real Imprint presents newest Rubber Colour Heat Transfer Media. It is a kind of iron-on Heat Transfer Imprint, hot-melt urethane in rubber sheet stick to object, which applies to all fabrics, either natural or chemical fabrics

Gift Box dubai
Gift Box

It is very difficult for people to refuse good things when they are presented with one. Gifts have the ability to ignite a great feeling of love in people. The beautiful designs and colours that the customized gift boxes comes with, makes it even difficult for the eyes to resist.

T Shirts Embroidery
T Shirts Embroidery

T shirt embroidery turns a simple clothing item into a powerful and rewarding instrument in the promotional campaign of your company. A beautifully embroidered logo makes a difference - it is a simple and yet effective way to advertise your business.

Pad Printing Dubai
Pad Printing

Personal computer owners happen to be working with mice for rather long time as well as for numerous out there, they just can't be completely replaced. Just in case you're one that needs a radio mouse for the Ultrabook, or only come to feel more at ease working with one, analyze our own choice of the best radio mice for Ultrabook’s. The main

Plastic Id Card Printing Dubai
Plastic id Card Printing

Plastic ID card printing has experienced a renaissance of sorts lately; the demand for plastic ID badges has increased. Like in many other business and social areas of activity, analogue to digital transition from a paper-based to paperless systems has happened in ID card printing as well.

Sports Shirt Printing
Sports Shirt Printing

In most countries, we have our own much-loved sports and sports teams as well. Despite the fact that we've got our own practices, cultures, and dialects, plenty of countries share at least one thing in common and that is team spirit in which we often cheer and support our favourite sports team.


You have undoubtedly spent many hours in the studio and in the editing suite creating the content for your DVD. Every second has been analysed dozens of times to ensure that the end result is exactly as you intended or as the client required.

How it Works

Three easy steps from planning to perfectly printed t-shirts

Whether you are looking for Screen Printing, Laser Printing, Sublimation or Vinyl Print and Cut.
  • 1. Request a Quote

    Contact one of our awesome printing advisers for a quote and consultation on t-shirt printing. Once you're happy with it, you can place the order online

  • 2. Proof

    We’ll send you a full digital proof of how your custom garments will look, so you can double-check all the details before it goes to print

  • 3. Print & Deliver

    Once approved, it enters our printing queue and gets ready for production. Now you just sit back and wait to receive your printed goods

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